Hello world!

Welcome to Heavenly Baking!

Today is the first day of my journey to become a professional home baker. This started with research, both online and by telephone into what I needed to know about the legalities of selling my baking products from home.

Firstly I went online and googled ‘what certificates do I need for home baking’, I found a few helpful sites and a few irrelevant ones. So I continued to search for information on Health and Safety requirements for catering and baking from home. This proved a bit more successful, leading me to the Food Standards Agency or FSA http://food.gov.uk/ an invaluable source of information for everyone looking to start baking from home professionally. From here I decided to bite the bullet and call my local council for further information on setting up my business from home and which checks they required. The lady I spoke to was fantastic, she was really encouraging and although there are a lot of hoops I need to jump through and boxes to have ticked she made me feel confident that it is possible if I am committed to my goal. I am now in possession of an awful lot of information to sift through, in regards to filling out forms, certification and registration with many different places.

Once I have digested the documents I will let you all know what I need to do and who I have to contact so that those of you who are interested in doing this yourself will have a clear path.

For the people who are reading this looking for new recipes to try then I have a teaser for you . . . how do you fancy making a Blackberry Tart whilst our gardens and countryside are full of ripe Blackberries free for the pickers.

I will post the recipe in tomorrow’s update, for now I hope you are all enjoying the sunshine, happy baking.




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