Macmillan World’s Biggest Coffee Morning

On Friday 28th September 2012 Macmillan are organising the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning. Anyone can take part at work, school or home.

My husband is a musician and as such his work place tends to be in pubs, bars and music venues. Every Sunday we go to one very special pub in particular, The Blue Posts, on Rupert Street in Soho London, he has had a residency there for over seven years now with his Brother and their band The Fallen Heroes. Sadly they lost one of their bands founding members Paul Bonner to Cancer in January 2011 and so in honour of Paul and all the help Macmillan provided for him we are going to host a Coffee Morning at the place he worked regularly every week for 5 years before he passed away.

I am going to be baking all the cakes, cookies, cake pops and an extra special occasion cake in order to try and raise as such money as we can for a very special charity.

If any one is able to pop down to the The Blue Posts on this day it would be fantastic to see you. It is taking place from 10am – 1pm maybe just try and take some time from your lunch break or pop up if you’re not at work to give a small donation to a very good cause and eat some tasty heavenly treats.


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