How’s this for irony?

I spent the best part of 2012 planning, training and working towards being able to trade as a home baker. I worked on getting my kitchen approved by Croydon Council, I completed my Food Safety and  Hygiene for Catering certificate, I filled in all the council’s forms and alas I heard nothing. I called them numerous times to find out why I hadn’t heard back and when they might come and inspect my kitchen? However I kept hitting brick wall, after brick wall, no one seemed to be able to help me.

So you can imagine my surprise when two days before my husband and I were embarking on  our 5 week trip around parts of Indonesia in November 2013, that I received a letter from Croydon Council asking me if I wanted to renew my registration!! Yes, that’s right, they registered my kitchen without letting me know and without an inspection. To say I was upset would be an understatement. I was so disappointed that i’d missed out on a whole year of trading that I put it on hold, rather than re-registering.

Fast forward a year and I gave birth to our first child, our little daughter ‘Lolly’. Now she is 3 months old and I am back in the kitchen baking for friends and family and looking to start trading properly this year, only one thing is standing in my way . . . we are moving.

We have sold our lovely 1 bed flat and are moving to a bigger place under a mile away, it is still under the Croydon Council and so I will have to start the whole process of getting registered again from scratch. However this time I am  even more determined and I will succeed!

I hope . . .